Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Makey Makey & Innovation

As I listened to the presentation EC&I 831 tonight one quote that Sylvia Libow Martinez made that struck a cord with me was "we have to unschool the children" to let them explore the wonderful tool of Makey Makies and how they can be used to help children explore, invent, and create.  As a parent and educator this scares me.  At what point does education take that desire to learn and thirst for experimentation away from the children?  I like to have structure, routine, and detailed plans but is it preventing my own children from discovering their own talents and thirst for knowledge?  I think back to the time that they wanted to learn beading and making bracelets and how I strongly suggested (OK controlled) what colors and patterns they should start with. Is this what education does turn them into what we want? Instead of letting them become individuals.

I have often thought that there are students that learn and thrive in spite of the educational system.  I hope that my children and all children will have teachers that they themselves have that thirst for knowledge and willingness to be uncomfortable trying something new.  As well as provide the environment that mine and all children can find the talents they have.

Anyways, I know that I will be looking at Sylvia's website Invent to Learn and making some purchases for my children for Christmas this year and giving my children the opportunity to Invent to Learn.  I just need to remember to let them explore and assist when asked and not steal them from their hands!!  Which could be hard it looks like so much fun!


  1. At some point, whether in the classroom or at home with our children, we need to give up some control and let children explore. Yes it is hard, but experiential and inquiry learning is a wonderful opportunity for children. Easier said then done, I know, but worth it. In the classroom, I believe there should be a balance of what the students 'need' to know and 'want' to know. Which means the teacher needs to let go of some control and let the students direct their own learning. I think teachers struggle with this, but inquiry based learning initiatives are assisting with student directed learning. The MaKey MaKey would be a great tool to aid in inquiry based student directed learning. I am interested to hear which Invent to Learn items you purchase and your children's experiences exploring their presents.

  2. Wonderful post Cory. I couldn't agree with it more. I frequently get all of the supplies needed for a fabulous art find on pinterest and end up cringing at the hand-traced tailed turkey with only one eye. Holding myself back from wanting it to be just right instead of how Vaya wishes it to be. I love your blog and am so thankful that your class is allowing us to hear (read) your thoughts.


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